Push-Notifications v SMS – One Is Highly Cost Effective

Push-Notifications v SMS – One Is Highly Cost Effective

 Free instant Push Notification messages for small business apps

Instant Message Services, Push-Notifications v SMS – Which Are Free?

It´s important to know how these two are best implemented, so that you can engage and continue to build trust and long term relationships with your customers without intrusion. The timing of sending a message is also crucial too. So just these two elements of mobile marketing must all come together to over-deliver your service with your customers.

With push notifications, you can do this very easily through a custom mobile app for any business that say for example, they want to reward their customers with loyalty coupons, freebies or incentives. That´s why the most essential element in your business app is push notifications. With mobile app push notifications, you can send messages to everyone who has your application on their mobile device, tablet or mobile phone. Unlike electronic mail that has a five percent read rate, push notifications are read by their users ninety-seven percent of the time. With push messaging, this enables you to place your business within the pockets of people in your locality with many options like geo-targeted campaigns, by being specific with time sensitive marketing. You get this capability only with a mobile business application.


Mobilizing – Size Doesn’t Matter

Mobile apps are now an important aspect of practically all businesses, irrespective of their niche or size. Mobile applications are the simplest way to keep clients involved with your service or product, while also creating new clients along the way. If you are not aware of the several benefits that mobile marketing offers, here highlighted below are seven beneficial ways that mobile app marketing can aid your business and get ahead by understanding what works best and the difference with push-notifications v SMS


1. Gain More Clients                                                                           Gain more clients

Developing a mobile phone application for your small business can help you reach many more clients compared to a standard website. This is essential because mobile searches are now outnumbering searches done on the desktop computer. Even though your present customers can promote your business by telling their family and friends about your products or services, new users can locate you by chancing upon you via their mobile phones.


2. Mobile Applications are a Fantastic Marketing Tactic

While a website and loyalty cards are essential for you to promote your services or products, the number of mobile smartphone users is increasing by the day. Several of these consumers also browse the World Wide Web using their smartphones plus other mobile devices. Presently, everything, including shopping, payment plus other kinds of business dealings, is conducted via mobile phones.


3. Showcase Your Services and Products

You can use your mobile application as a software to showcase your services and products. Customers and prospective clients browsing your application will then have easy and fast access to your business. You can always update your app to exhibit new releases and products through notifying your customers using instant message service which is known as push notifications.


4. The Benefits of Push-notifications

Push notifications, sometimes referred to as push notes, are free to send and with some easy strategic marketing ethics, these can have a pronounced effect on boosting your business’s revenue and return on investment on your mobile app, as they can be directed to a specific message like a special of the day, an offer or news of an event directly inside of the app. This is really important because, the end message will always have to be user friendly, to view on that mobile device without pinching and squeezing the screen. Of course, you can direct the receiver to any website, but it will be necessary to make sure that content is mobilized.

One of the other benefits of push notifications are that, those people or customers that have downloaded your app, will already have opted and requested to receive your offers and messages by giving you permission, which is less intrusive than other forms of mobile instant message services.


5. Understanding SMS messaging                                                                                                       SMS mobile marketing

This is another form of instant messaging services. These may seem similar, but the difference is, you either have to manually get your customers mobile number and ask them for permission to send them offers or specials. The other way is you basically purchase or apply for the keywords and people you want to target. You may either have to subscribe as a business owner to a SMS bundle each month or a pay per. These can range from 3p upwards per message. Replies from your customers are free, but your customer could have charges which range from 10p – 15p per reply. SMS is not free, but will get you more scale on customer reach instantly by purchasing more leads from a supplier.

Both these serve a different purpose when drilling down. With free push-notes instant message options, giving your customers interesting offers plus discount rates will encourage them to return to your mobile application more regularly as well as telling others about you also.


6. Mobile Apps Help To Reduce Paper Costs

Asking your clients to complete forms and then utilizing data entry experts to record the details is no longer essential. You can combine the steps by having your clients key in data into your system by themselves. With a mobile application, you can easily implement this. Also, this can save you a great deal of funds, particularly if you have a very busy office.


7. Apps Can Provide You with Fresh Insights into Your Clients

Understanding your clients is important for the success of your business. With a mobile application, you can utilize analytic s that show what times clients utilize your app, most popular tabs, where users are coming from, and so forth. All of these details can be extremely beneficial when creating future ad campaigns.

See some of the benefits of push notifications and how they work in our video below:

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