3 Reasons To Use Mobile Shopping Inside An Application

3 Reasons To Use Mobile Shopping Inside An Application

Mobile shopping, a convenient way to buy on a Mobile Device

How Mobile Shopping is Gaining Preference with Users On The Go

If you are searching for ways to promote your small business, then you may want to consider mobile app marketing. Until recently, utilizing these kinds of apps was complicated and expensive. However, as the technology improved, they became a lot easier to use. These days, they have become highly affordable for small business owners. So, what are the things that can be included within your business application? Your business app will typically include your home page as well as Click to Call, a share button, links to your Twitter and Facebook. It will also feature listings of services and products where users can do their shopping for ease of convenience on their mobile devices.


1. Mobile Shopping on a Business App

Interestingly, in a recent study ran by Google using research company TNS, they found that every month, 32% of shoppers in the UK, were the highest in Europe, using their mobile smart phones to do their shopping whilst they’re on-the-go, at home or from the office, and this seems to be rising rapidly every year. So what does this mean? It tells us there is a crazy trend and market opening for UK businesses to tap into and take full advantage to boost their sales. Other features on the business app would include tabs like calculators, contact and survey forms, a gallery, messages, fan walls, plus several other customization choices, loyalty program countdowns, as well as unlimited push notifications which is a free message service built into the app.

Another important point, which must be highly considered is, sites in that show up in the search engines from Spring 2015 have got to be optimized for mobile to comply with Google’s new update. This means a preference in ranking over a website that is not. Interestingly, those that do have an application presented in the Google Play store will have an prominent icon beside the title tag description to represent that this business or brand also has a mobile app, which is very powerful when getting the edge over a competing business or brand.


Affordable Mobile App Development

2. Mobile App Development is Affordable      

Even though mobile app development has usually been beyond the means of most small business owners, things have changed considerably. Technological improvements have made it simpler and cheaper to develop customizable apps for a small percentage of the previous costs. These days, you don’t have to spend a great deal of capital investment to obtain a fully functional personalized small business app. The benefits of incorporating a mobile application for a business on all platforms like iPhone, iPads, Androids and Tablets has its advantages for marketing reach on these devices alone, as UK smartphone sales continue to skyrocket.


3. Promoting Your Mobile Application

There are a broad variety of methods to utilize to get your app downloaded including providing incentives like freebies, discounts as well as loyalty cards and special plans. Promoting your application on your Google Maps page, on your website and via other typical marketing methods will help to create greater awareness for your mobile app.

Shop-with-mobile marketing is an excellent way to put your small business in front of your target audience. It is estimated that eighty percent of individuals own a mobile phone. Also, there are five times more mobile phone users than there are PC users in the entire world. What this means is that smart phone marketing is the future wave to get involved with. Do not allow it to pass you by. A reliable mobile app developer in the UK can develop your app for you, or show you the best way to build one yourself for additional savings.

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