Mobile Loyalty Cards – Learn How To Utilize Them Here

Mobile Loyalty Cards – Learn How To Utilize Them Here

Mobile Loyalty Cards

Mobile Loyalty Cards And Coupons Boosts Customer Engagement on Their Devices

Mobile phones have become a necessity of everyday life. Mobile phones penetration in both developing and developed countries have resulted in the appearance of a new type of marketing, typically referred to as mobile marketing, real time marketing or smartphone marketing. There are several benefits to mobile phone marketing, and a small business that is efficient with its mobile marketing can aid itself to acquire new clients.

Enticing customers and new ones can be beneficial by using mobile loyalty cards. You have probably seen these traditional loyalty cards around for decades, where you normally are offered a card when you visit a store or shop that will give you a reward of some form where it’s maybe a free drink or a product where you maybe get one free after you have got a certain amount of stamps (stick-on or rubber stamped in smaller businesses) or points on your card that you probably carry around in your purse or wallet. With most corporate companies these are usually digital, where they are swiped at the till or checkout and also can be used online with a membership ship number once you have registered. Even petrol stations are in on the act by providing car washes with fill-up your tank incentives to keep you coming back for more fuel.

With a mobile app, these can be easily integrated, (card-free) giving your staff and customers secure loyalty coupons which are efficient and more effective than the old ones. Presented below are the different kinds of real time marketing of which you can include these mobile phone loyalty cards.


SMS (Short Message Service)

Short message service initiated the idea of real time marketing, and is still being utilized to promote a range of services and products. Even though it has been greatly abused, regulation within the past couple of years has helped to revive this type of mobile phone marketing. The greatest benefit of short message service marketing is its wide reach with customer incentives. Every mobile phone can receive an SMS. This essentially means a bigger target audience for small businesses.


Mobile App Marketing                                                                                                                  App Marketing with Mobile

Mobile app marketing has proven to be an excellent tool for mobile phone marketers, because these apps are innovative and provide the user with several features. Certain widgets are typically displayed on the home or start screen of smartphones, which allows the user to log into them directly. Advertisements can be positioned on these apps to promote a service or product.


MMS (Multimedia Message Service)

Multimedia messaging service is a more sophisticated mobile messaging technology that allows users to exchange text, images and audio. MMS can be utilized to run advertisements like it’s done on television; also, it offers a more effective method of promoting a product or service. Nevertheless, sending an MMS is costlier than sending a standard text message.


Mobile Internet Advertisements

When browsing the World Wide Web, you may have seen many adverts popping up on the page or turning up on your screen related to the product or services that your are looking at. Mobile phone internet adverts work in a similar manner usually at the bottom of the screen of a mobile device, and deliver top quality content to consumers. These are mainly designed for users of smartphones that are connected to the Internet and direct them either to another tab or screen within a small business mobile application or can redirect them to another website from that business with relevant information for the customer. Like pay-per-click these can bring a rewarding ROI when targeting the right market.Testing and tweaking is recommended for best performance and then can be easily scaled up to maximize results.


Geo-Fence Push Note Marketing

This kind of marketing aids in customizing the kind of adverts and push notes a user will get, and is based on the user’s geographical location. What this does is put a geofence around a specific area that you want to target for your product or service and when your customer enters that area, it triggers the push note to open on the device of the receiver. This is an efficient type of marketing because it aids in delivering pertinent info to the consumer. For instance, the likelihood of an individual enrolling for a yoga or dancing course is greater if the school is nearer to where the individual resides.

Geo-Fence Push Note Marketing

Aside from the regular advertisements, mobile phone marketing has also aided small business owners to network with people and expand the reach their business. Like loyalty cards, mobile loyalty applications allow you to increase the value and convenience of your brand whilst offering special deals to the client in a very direct way.

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