Creative Ideas For Mobile Apps That Make An IMPACT!

Creative Ideas For Mobile Apps That Make An IMPACT!

Creative ideas for mobile apps

How to Find Ideas for Mobile Apps

If you haven’t noticed, apps are popular. Mobile devices have been growing exponentially and don’t look like they’ll be stopping soon. With new devices out constantly, the market is wide open for app development in your business niche. If you have a business and want to learn more about app development, and maybe get some ideas for mobile apps, then read on.


Why Apps Rule

With mobile devices surpassing one billion, it’s no surprise there is money to be made by developing an app for your business. You probably have well over fifty apps installed on your own phone. The math there is incredible. With a faster and faster paced world that demands efficiency and easy-to-access information, businesses need to design mobile apps to keep up with their customers.

Outside of the consumer focus, apps employ hundreds of thousands of people and make billions of dollars each year worldwide. The mobile world is so important that Google has started to favor a sites rankings for those that have gone mobile friendly ready starting April 21st, 2015. This is just the beginning, as more viewing and searches on mobile devices and smartphones become near equal with searches from a PC or a desktop. Mobile websites and apps are the ongoing trends which are essential for any business in today’s marketplace moving forward, but apps dominate in terms of instant accessibility, convenience and direct communication with customers on-the-go.


What To Consider

When designing mobile apps for your business, there are many things to consider. It’s not just click and go. Here are some questions you can ask yourself and your business when considering an app.

  • Who are my customers and what devices are they using?
  • What do my customers need in an app? What should it do for them?
  • What value will this app provide to my business?
  • What data will be useful to collect from the users?
  • Will Geo-location be useful to my business and customers?
  • What should my app look like?
  • What features should it provide?
  • Do I develop in-house or outsource it?

Consider this: over 45% of UK smartphone users are using IOS, so IOS apps development is important. However, it may be best to develop apps for other platforms as well. You’ll have to decide that based on your own analysis.

Also realize that branding is very important for app development, and your brand should be simple and clean so that it works on a mobile device. This may force some of you to update your logos and branding, but maybe it was time anyway. You want your brand to be easily recognizable when people see it, whether it is part of an advertisement or in a push notification.


Examples of Potential Apps

It can be hard to get started on a mobile app, so here are some examples to get you moving in the right direction. Start by thinking about the questions above and then find a unique way to meet their needs.

  • Fitness Boot Camp – an app that checks in people and takes payments
  • Tour Guides – an app that maps the route you take and gives your customers an interactive trip
  • Smoothie Shop – an app that tracks your rewards program and allows people to pre-order smoothies
  • Interior Decorator – an app that gives your clients a shopping list and can diagram your layout designs
  • Musicians and entertainers – an app that gives the location of your shows and your secret last-minute gigs

Obviously, these are just a few ideas, but never think your business is the exception to the rule—there is always an opportunity to integrate with your customers in new ways, and they will appreciate it if it is well designed and provides value to them.


In or Out? How to Source Your App

When you come up with ideas for mobile apps, you will quickly recognize the problem of how to have it created. While making things in-house gives you optimal control, usually, as a small business, you don’t have the resources to develop your own apps.

Some app software companies do provide training and support for in-house development which doesn´t require any coding or experience in app design and could be considered, but if you want to put your mark down in the marketplace anywhere soon before your competitors do and want to really show your customers that you are at the top of your game when keeping up with mobile technology, then outsourcing is the way forward.

This is why app development companies exist: to help business owners develop the tools they need to succeed. For mobile development uk, use mobile app services from app developer companies in the UK that are able to complete it in a timely and efficient way, offering a simple mobile strategy that will serve your customers needs as well as maximizing your return on investment with a approximate lead time of under six weeks from start to completion for a custom app.

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