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About Us

About Us

This site was put up for small businesses and brands that are curious to learn more about tapping into the mobile app phenomenon of taking their marketing to new heights of audience bringing in droves of new and existing customers as they browse, reserve and buy on-the-go.

Whats all this hype about?

Right now, you may have one in your pocket or handbag, it´s like a magnet you barely put them down for 5 mins …yes they’re mobile devices and smartphones, you rarely let them out of your site and no more than 2 metres away at any time, according to a recent mobile survey. You probably don’t already realise this, but these days your customers demand to be served by businesses that show convenience and simplicity on their devices towards them, because their time is everything to them and is limited. When they want something, they want it then and want to able to take action on the fly by clicking on one of those icon things on the screen of your device…there called mobile apps. Think about this…imagine having a piece of real estate branding space on your customers device?

Mobile app technology is going places

The fast pace and speed of mobile app technology will probably be a necessity in the near future as brands and businesses scramble to get on this multi-billion dollar revenue bandwagon, to get a piece of the action with smartphone applications for marketing. Just like it was having a website, back in the early days of the internet, you needed to have one, to be seen, to be cool, something to put on your business card when networking or just be ahead of your game and competition, so you could get the edge over him or her in your marketplace.

App development is within your reach

Now, just to get clear, App development doesn´t have to be expensive and must not feel like it´s a luxury technology that´s out of reach for your business. What you need to know about us, is we make them simple to implement, for you and your customers and we can’t stress this enough…Cost effective so it´s bring a great return on your small initial investment compared to other UK app developers in the marketplace. We don’t over complicate things with techi coding and never ending months of development. We’re on our game and it´s our performance and strategies of service which makes us different.

Our support and customer service – What you get

Our software and platform allow for full management, easy tracking and monetizing your customers through your apps analytics, to see where and what their needs are for your business, with simple, but gorgeous, comprehensive features like push notifications, loyalty reward schemes and mobile coupons, which all come as a free service with all our applications.

One of our main shouts, is our support during and after your application has gone live and we feel that this is the period where you will need the most guidance to make sure your crowd know about your branded application. Updated training tutorials and webinar sessions are just some of the benefits you will gain from our support team.

The choice is yours when it comes to app development

We have a couple of options. We realize that most businesses have in-house developers and webmasters that take care of their day-to-day website monetization, therefore we can offer a do-it-yourself app build with all the support and training you need to design and build a successful mobile application for your brand and business on Android and iOS platforms. We also provide beautiful html5 websites that marries alongside your app build for ease of use, just in case you are hot under the collar about mobilizing your brand.

Efficient design set-up for your app 

What we are best at is building you a custom app quickly without fuss or compromising the quality or design at the right cost and budget for your business. This is where we excel and edge others by using our talent to work closely together with your business and needs.

Choosing the right platform could be one of the biggest decisions you ever make this year for marketing your business on a mobile device. We hope you’ve found enough information on here to guide you when making that choice.

Let us know if there is anything we’ve not covered on this site about mobile applications or mobile marketing. Just use the simple form to the right or call us on the number above. We won’t talk geek and we’re easy to talk to.

Take care

The App Developers UK Team

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